• Channel News Asia
    Voice-activated chatbot helps MOE handle 30% of hotline queries

    GovTech’s voice-activated chatbot has helped the Ministry of Education handle 30 per cent of its hotline queries. This virtual assistant provides a glimpse of Singapore’s future in technology as GovTech looks into rolling the chatbot out to more agencies.

  • Open Gov Asia
    Jamie Virtually Knows Everything

    Virtual assistants are proving useful in improving government-citizen relations. The dynamism NLP provides as an analytical tool promises more development for ‘Ask Jamie’ in time to come, making e-governance a promising tool……

  • The Guardian
    Singapore is dubbed the best prepared country in the world for the new digital economy… Jacqueline Poh lists a series of government-backed “enablers”

    The government is making its own savings with the introduction of chatbots. AskJamie, a virtual assistant for more than 15 government agency websites, deals with 60% of enquiries that would previously have gone to call centres……

  • GovTech
    Whole of Government “Ask Jamie” Virtual Assistant Initiatives

    ‘Ask Jamie’ is a virtual assistant (VA) that can be implemented on agency websites and trained to be able to answer queries within specific domains. When activated on a website, a chat window will open to allow the public to ‘chat’ with Jamie, very much like how one would chat on instant messaging……

  • World Economic Forum
    The 10 countries best prepared for the new digital economy

    10 countries that the 2016 Index found to be best placed to make the most of the new world. Singapore is at number one. The ranking is, to a large extent, the result of strong government commitment to the digital agenda…..

  • Ministry of Communications and Information Singapore
    Dr Janil Puthucheary, Minister of State for Communications and Information, at the Committee of Supply Debate on 6 Mar 2017

    Third, GovTech will use technology to deliver anticipatory, integrated, data-driven, and well-designed digital services, predictive services. Ms Sun asked also about what is being done to systematically integrate new applications to existing government services. “Ask Jamie” is one example ….

  • GovTech
    Public Sector Agencies won big at the recent National Infocomm Awards 2016

    Ask Jamie is a virtual assistant (VA) developed by the Ministry of Finance and the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech), and ‘she’ won the Merit Award in the Most Innovative Use of Infocomm Technology (Public Sector) category ….

  • Channel NewsAsia
    Chatting up the Government will soon be a possibility

    The team behind virtual assistant Ask Jamie started off its development trail in 2014 with a simple premise: How do we improve citizens’ experience when utilising e-Government services, and can we automate the process? ….

  • The Middle Ground​
    Have a question for the G? Skip Google and just ‘Ask Jamie’

    WHEN in doubt, fear not – Ask Jamie is here. Wait, ask who? Ask Jamie is a virtual assistant used by some of the G’s agencies, to help visitors to its websites answer pressing questions. Last month (June 23), in a commentary titled “How to keep the Government relevant in this digital age”, Mr Chan […]

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