flexAnswer is an intelligent web-based customer service solution to answer your customers’ or employees’ questions from any channels, anytime.

We developed a proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies so advanced, that when your customers ask questions, it provides immediate answers with accuracy over 90% despite the inherent problems of language comprehension and misunderstanding when typing, talking and engaging via social media.

This system corrects spelling mistakes, understands colloquial terms, relationships between words, and successfully analyses the wide range of questions asked by customers to return answers immediately. No other system comes close to the speed, accuracy and level of customer support as flexAnswer.

Reasons to add flexAnswer Solutions to enrich your customer service

  • Proven solution.
  • Increase customer retention and satisfaction with better customer experience. 
  • Questions answered over 90% accuracy. More than 80% rated the experience positive.
  • Increase first call resolution
    • Reduction of 35% in calls, 15% in emails by volume via web channel
    • Deflection up to 50% of phone calls via voice channel
  • Identify emotions, trends and knowledge gaps.
  • Save time on staff training reduced from 6 weeks to 1 week. 
  • Single source of truth for customers and staff.

flexAnswer Knowledge Management

A single platform that allows you to maintain your knowledgebase

– in a single repository

– at your location or in Cloud

– to be shared across multi-channel (web, phone and social media networks)

The system automatically improves responses to similar questions using data and feedback from every query. The intelligent information management system is an invaluable management tool, allowing you to control and review the information your customers receive, as well as gain valuable market research data.

Provide consistent message across all channels, from anywhere, 24/7 everyday.

flexAnswer VA Web

Our most popular product, the VA Web uses a central Knowledgebase to answer common questions posed by your customers, improving with every new question. 

flexAnswer VA Voice

When your customers makes a phone call to your organisation, flexAnswer VA Voice can answer the phone call and provide answers in a fraction of time.  

flexAnswer VA Bot

Your VA can integrate into Facebook Messenger, Skype to provide quick answers faster than a live agent could. 

flexAnswer Solutions is the information database that you can share across multi-channels to answer questions from the public, internal or both, via the web, phone or social media. Fully customisable to your corporate brand and image. Bring fragmented services together via integration and escalation services. 

World-class customer support begins with flexAnswer.

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