VA Bot


Serve your clients wherever and
when​e​​ver they are, 24/7.

Virtual Assistant (VA) and Chatbot are interchangeable terms. Chatbot is regularly used and is a more popular term. VA typically can do more and contains more functionalities.

flexAnswer VA Bot is an extension of flexAnswer VA Web platform. 

Full stack, business grade, ready to deploy.

Virtual Assistant or ChatBot?

Hi, I'm Ava, your friendly Virtual Assistant.
Hello, stranger! Do read on for more of our differences and similarities.
Let me tell you more about myself. I am housed on ​general website​. Spot me at the bottom-right corner of this page and don't forget to say Hi!
You wouldn't be seeing me on any website. I can find be found on messaging platforms like your Facebook Messenger.​
That's our general difference. Also, if your customer ask me a question, I can provide a direct response to them.
I can also do that or provide menu card driven responses to your customers like most of my siblings on the market. Most of them generally link them to a website for answers​.
​​We do have some similarities. Our ​​Knowledge-base can be shared​ so that you do not have to update your contents twice.
That's right. Also, you can view us on your desktop, mobile and tablet. Click here to chat with our friendly sales team to know more about us or for a demo.​ They don't bite!
Get close and engage your customers through these platform.​

More than 80% of our time on mobile is
spent on ​messaging ​platforms.

flexAnswer VA Bot​

  • Natural Language ​Processing (NLP)​

  • APIs Integration​

  • Cognitive Capabilities​

  • On premise or ​Cloud-based Solution​

  • Statistical Report​

  • ​Technical Support​

If you have any enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.