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flexAnswer VA is More Than a Tool; It’s an Ally

Great customer service begins with quick responses to customer questions. Have you ever experienced being shuffled from one automatic response to another, stay on hold forever and not get the information you want?

The innovative flexAnswer Virtual Assistant has proven to be a great asset to any organisation to overcome these challenges.

Our powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies allow customers (or internal employees) to ask questions by simply using plain language and receive an answer promptly. The NLP can understand the question regardless of complex sentences, sentence fragments, multiple questions in a single sentence, abbreviations, slang, misspellings and the variances in the way people speak.

Once you set up your Knowledgebase, the system will continue to learn and improve as more questions are asked, and people respond to the accuracy survey. flexAnswer is the only answering system of its kind. You maintain your knowledge database in a single repository, either at your location or in the Cloud.

Major Features

Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Understands and learns the many different ways questions can be asked. Smarter with each interaction. 

Guided Process Flow

Address complex questions with Guided Process Flow to answer correctly. You have a complete GPF editor to set the answers to important questions, making your flexAnswer VA fast and accurate. Create “If this…, Then that…” decision information trees to answer complex questions. Allows flexibility for various scenarios.

Full Web-based Administration Module

Login and manage your content easily. Generate reports and analytics. 

Predictive Questions

Using past data and questions to predict future ones.

Escalation Options

Escalate to various options such as email, chat, CRM etc if required.

Contextual Memory

Understand the context for a more human like experience.

Cross Knowledgebase Search

Searchabledatabase makes finding information easy for internal or public users based on your permissions.

Floating Question Box

The Floating Question Box will allow your customers to type in their questions. It has the flexibility so customers can drag and reposition as they wish.

Customised Design

Use our standard layout or design your customer display screen to suit your corporate branding and image. Need an Avatar? Use one of our Avatars or provide your own to keep your brand consistent.

Your Easy to Use flexAnswer’s Admin fills in the Knowledge Gaps

Answering your customers’ questions is only part of what this powerful system has to offer. It comes complete with a full suite of reporting tools to help you improve your customer relations and improve sales. You will soon find where your marketing information is falling short by monitoring the type and frequency of questions being asked.

The Perfect Intranet Information Solution

And flexAnswer VA is not just for customer service. Employees in medium to large organizations have many questions that usually congests the HR or other departments. flexAnswer gives your employees a reliable source of information and frees up valuable time for your staff.

Reports and Analytics

  • Accuracy Performance Percent
  • Relevancy Performance Percent
  • Survey Results
  • Session History
  • Usage History
  • Popular Categories and Answers

Here is a Short Video Demonstration

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