VA Voice

Your customers can now self serve for answers on the phone using the same Knowledgebase and NLP and ML technologies as your VA Web. 

Integrated into your phone system as part of your call centre services or stand alone, flexAnswer VA Voice is able to answer the phone call, provide answers without any lag and offers callers escalation to speak to a live agent when required. 

Proven technology, our customers have achieved an average of 50% deflection in phone calls and increased customer satisfaction.

Major Features

  • Powerful NLP and ML technologies that are able to overcome and understand lingo, different accents, real customer questions
  • Detect emotions
  • Track all calls 
  • Send callers full answers in text 
  • Benefit from same VA Web Knowledgebase training and updates



If you have any enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.