​​​Real-Time Answers to Your Customers Queries

When your customers or employees have questions, they turn to you for answers. Now you can provide those answers anytime, day or night and in any language, where you do business.


Unclog Your Communications

Our customers say that flexAnswer VA has reduced their customer call volume up to 35% and reduced email volume up to 15%, freeing employees to do their jobs instead of answering the same questions over and over.

Happy Customer = Repeat Customer

flexAnswer Virtual Assistant (VA) increases customer retention by providing them with the answers they want, instantly. When customers get the information they need without waiting, you build trust and confidence thus, creating customer loyalty.


   Bridge the Knowledge Gap

flexAnswer is a proprietary system that combines a database of knowledge related to your specific company or industry with a Virtual Assistant that interacts with your customers like a real chat line.

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No Expensive Call Centre Required

Your customers’ dissatisfaction increases with every second they wait for you to respond to their question. Our proprietary flexAnswer system keeps your customers engaged and happy by giving them the answers they want, without waiting.

Lower Your Staffing Costs

A key benefit to using flexAnswer VA for your business, you will save on the expense of hiring a full-time employee. Our VA works for peanuts and never calls in sick.​

Reduce Staff Training Time

Companies use flexAnswer VA to enhance their employee training by providing a valuable information training tool. Staff training times have reduced from six weeks to one week with greater information retention.

​Cross-Platform Compatibility

The system is compatible with every platform, every Internet-capable mobile device such as desktop, tablet, mobiles and browser, allowing you to reach the broadest audience for the least effort.

Intelligent, Intuitive & Interactive

The genius behind flexAnswer VA is true Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technology. This incredibly accurate language processing allows customers to ask questions in plain language.

flexAnswer NLP Engine Algorithms

flexAnswer's natural language processor can take into account spelling mistakes, morphological form, grammatical structure, semantic, pragmatic and dialogue information to capture the meaning of a question.


“Previously our call centre could only answer 50% of calls due to the volume. After deploying flexAnswer, 90% of calls are now being answered due to the reduction in calls. There was also a reduction in email queries of around 20%......members and supporters are self-serving for answers in flexAnswer and are very happy with the enhanced online customer service. Accuracy of flexAnswer is around 80%.” ​